Ideal Husband - Strawberry Champagne Margarita

Written by: Yana and Joe

There's something inherently alluring about a Margarita. Its intoxicating flavor, its adventurous spirit, its endless iterations. Consistently topping the lists of most ordered cocktails in America, it's safe to say that the Margarita is a cocktail beloved by all. If you and your special someone are Margarita lovers like we are, the Ideal Husband will add a splash of sensuality to your Valentine's Day.

The Ideal Husband is a Strawberry Champagne Margarita variation that combines beautiful pink strawberry infused tequila with Champagne, lemon, agave, orange liqueur, rhubarb, and tropical Bermuda Bitters. If the lovely pink hue and aroma of strawberries and champagne isn't enough to arouse the senses then the mix of playful flavors will surely intoxicate your tastebuds.

Even though it's a pink drink full of fruit flavors and tropical touches, don't be fooled, the Ideal Husband has a depth and complexity that will keep you bewitched and mystified with every sip like any true romance does.

What Makes it a Margarita?

Margarita's are traditionally made with just three main ingredients; tequila for spirit, orange liqueur for sweetener, and lime juice for citrus. 

For this strawberry Champagne margarita, we infused the tequila with fresh strawberries to gently impart the cocktail with the sensual floral and fruity nuances of this romantic berry. This strawberry tequila infusion is a classic recipe called Tequila por mi Amante which means tequila for my love.

For the sweetener we used both Cointreau orange liqueur and agave nectar. Using agave instead of orange liqueur is a common way to make a Margarita and is typically referred to as a Tommy's Margarita or a Skinny Margarita, depending on who you ask. 

Agave gives a margarita more depth of flavor, adding notes of vanilla and honey. The addition of classic orange liqueur turns the citrus flavor up a notch and makes this strawberry Champagne margarita more complex. 

While margaritas are typically made with lime juice, the Ideal Husband uses fresh squeezed lemon juice instead. Champagne and tequila are rarely found in the same drink together but the lemon juice pairs with both, creating a bridge between the two flavors and causing them to harmonize perfectly in the cocktail.

An Ideal Husband strawberry Champagne margarita in a Champagne flute with a strawberry garnish in a scene with flowers, strawberries, and a lemon.

What is Tequila Por Mi Amante?

Tequila por Mi Amante is a delicious and romantic strawberry tequila infusion from the 1930's. While tequila is generally known for its intense flavor, the strawberries mellow out the harsher notes, making for a gentle and sweet sipping experience similar to limoncello.

The most remarkable thing about Tequila por Mi Amante is how the fresh flavor of strawberry is preserved with all of its more floral notes in this infusion. While it makes a colorful and flavorful addition to a cocktail like a strawberry Champagne margarita, you can also serve Tequila por Mi Amante over ice for a romantic and tasty aperitif.

While it is common to incorporate fresh fruit flavors into a Margarita by muddling, the infusion process is highly preferred for several reasons:

  1. It tempers the harsher notes of the tequila making the cocktail a very easy sipper.
  2. It extracts only the color and flavors of the strawberry, turning the tequila a beautiful pink hue that isn't cloudy with fruit juice.
  3. The leftover Tequila por Mi Amante can be enjoyed any time as a tasty aperitif.


Tequila por Mi Amante tastes best when made with strawberries at their peak freshness. We do not recommend using frozen strawberries as they lack the complexity and nuance of fresh strawberry flavor.

A glass bowl of water with bright red strawberries floating in it on a white marble background.

What's the Best Tequila for a Strawberry Champagne Margarita?

For a delicious Tequila por Mi Amante it's best to use a good quality reposado tequila as reposados have honey and vanilla notes that compliment strawberries, rhubarb bitters, and Bermuda Bitters. These are some of our favorite tequilas for a strawberry champagne margarita:

Gran Centenario Reposado: Rested for 10 months in French Limousin oak casks, this tequila imparts the cocktail with flavors of vanilla, citrus, pear, and tropical fruits. The art deco shape of the bottle is as impressive as the flavor.

La Gritona Reposado: Family owned and 100% women operated, La Gritona is one of the tastiest tequilas. It is aged in re-used American oak barrels for 8 months, allowing the tequila to develop and open up without taking on too much oak flavor. A great choice if you like your tequila more herbaceous and dry.

Herradura Reposado; This tequila has bold notes of honey, vanilla, spice, and citrus. Its deep flavor profile makes it a great choice for tequila lovers who really want to taste that classic tequila flavor in their strawberry Champagne margarita.

Why Use Rhrubarb and Bermuda Bitters?

Fresh rhubarb has a very short season and can be a challenging ingredient to work with raw. Because of this, rhubarb bitters are the easiest way to give the strawberry Champagne margarita an extra dash of candy like flavor.

Bermuda Bitters' pink peppercorn and cinnamon spice add warmth and balance the fruity flavors of this pink drink. They also add a tropical touch to the strawberry Champagne margarita giving the cocktail a hint of a romantic escape with hibiscus, banana, and vanilla.

A jar strawberries infusing in tequila next to a bottle of tequila and several fresh strawberries on a white marble background.
A wooden cutting board covered with cut strawberries and a paring knife on a white marble background.

Strawberry Champagne Margarita Ingredients

We suggest you use organic ingredients whenever possible. Here's what you'll need to make this Strawberry Champagne Margarita recipe:

Tequila por Mi Amante -

This delicious infusion of fresh strawberries in tequila tempers the harsher notes of the spirit, making Tequila por Mi Amante delicate and satisfying to use in a cocktail or sip neat. We prefer resposado tequilas for their rich honeyed profile to complement the sweetness of the strawberries. Our go to choice for the strawberry champagne margarita is Gran Centenario.  

Tip! This part of the cocktail must be made at least 3 weeks in advance for the strawberry flavor and color to fully infuse into the tequila. After 3 weeks simply strain out the strawberries and transfer to a vessel that is easy to pour from.

  • Cointreau

    Cointreau is an easy to find, high quality, orange liqueur with a clear and crisp orange flavor that adds a refreshing zesty twist to the cocktail. Undertones of honey, peel, and spice, add depth and complexity that balance the lighter fruit flavors.

  • Lemon -

    Refreshing and tart, fresh lemon juice balances the sweetness of the strawberry Champagne margarita. Use a reamer or hand press to include oils from the lemon peel to increase the depth of flavor in the strawberry Champagne margarita.

  • Agave - 

    While there are several different types of agave on the market, for this recipe we prefer an organic light, blue agave. Darker agaves usually have deeper molasses and toffee notes that may clash with the delicate fruit and floral notes of this strawberry champagne margarita. 

  • Sparkling Wine - 

    While Champagne and strawberries are a traditional treat for two lovebirds, you can use almost any sparkling wine for a strawberry Champagne margarita.

    Prosecco is a delicious, slightly sweeter, and more budget friendly option that will add notes of apple and pear to the lip smackingly candy-like flavor profile.

An Ideal Husband strawberry Champagne margarita in a Champagne flute next to a bottle of tropical Bermuda Bitters, a lemon, strawberries, and flowers.
  • Rhubarb Bitters

    The rhubarb flavor is more of a backing singer rather than the star of the show. Its there to elevate the other flavors so just 1-2 dashes is all you need to give the Ideal Husband that extra edge. We like to use these rhubarb bittersfor a strawberry Champagne margarita.

  • Bermuda Bitters

    Bermuda Bitters were made for romance with tropical botanicals that symbolize love and passion: hibiscus, vanilla, banana. Yet its warm flavors of cinnamon and pink peppercorn help ground the lighter floral notes of the cocktail, making for an exceptionally deep and nuanced drink.

Don't know how to measure bitters? Check out our blog on all things bitters here: What Are Bitters?

A bottle of tropical Bennett Bermuda Bitters with lemon, strawberries, flowers, and purple roses on a white marble background.
An Ideal Husband strawberry Champagne margarita in a white marble setting  with flowers, a bottle of Cointreau, a bottle of Bermuda Bitters, strawberries, and a lemon.

Ideal Husband - Strawberry Champange Margarita

Prep time

3 weeks

Mix time

5 min


1 person




  • 1.5 oz Tequila por Mi Amante
  • .5 oz Cointreau
  • .5 oz Agave
  • .75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 2-4 oz Prosecco
  • 1 dash Rhubarb Bitters
  • 2 droppers Bermuda Bitters



Strawberry Half




Tequila por Mi Amante

  • ½ quart Fresh Strawberries
  • 8-12 oz. Reposado Tequila


Step 1

Make Tequila por Mi Amante


Step 1

Halve ½ quart of fresh strawberries.

Step 2

Place in a jar and fill with tequila until strawberries are just covered.

Step 3

Refrigerate for three weeks.

Step 4

Strain tequila with a sieve and cheesecloth, and transfer to a serving vessel or bottle.

A glass jar of strawberries infusing in tequila next to fresh strawberries on a white marble surface.

Step 2

Make Ideal Husband


Step 1

Combine all ingredients except sparkling wine into a cocktail shaker with ice.

Step 2

Shake and double strain into a flute glass.

Step 3

Top with sparkling wine, garnish with a strawberry, and enjoy!

Additional Info

ABV: 12.8%

Standard Drinks: 1.45

Calories: 242

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